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Protective Cyber Security

Internet security is essential for all businesses, large and small. At Matrix Cyber Security, we're experts in the cyber security field, and we look forward to developing a security solution for you.

Prevent Point of Sale security incidents.

Maintain peace of mind for you and your customers when your point of sale terminals are secured. We're experts in bringing and maintaing point of sale systems to be PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. Being compliant allows your customers to more fully enjoy the services your business provides, without having to worry about their credit card or other personal information being stolen. Leave it to our team to handle the security around your point of sale devices, and you can focus more on providing an outstanding customer experience.

Preventing and Removing Virus Infections

Is your computer infected with a troublesome virus? Let us take care of that for you. We're experts in removing the most troublesome viruses, and will install proven anti-virus software.
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Experience You Can Count on

The protection of your network, computers, and other technology is of great importance, and our experienced team knows how to protect it! In fact, we'll implement hardware and software solutions to prevent potential security threats from acquiring important information and costing you big bucks.

Working with All Clients:

• Restaurants • Administrative Businesses • Financial Institutions • Health Care Institutions
and many more ...

Contact us to develop a cyber security solution you can count on.